Meet the Artist: Skylar Strange

Operations Manager of Hoodlab
Meet Skylar Strange, organisational talent of Hoodlab. Basically that means she makes sure the right people are at the right Hoodlab at the right time. She describes herself as Introverted, nerdy and loves to think differently. Oh, and as an absolute dog lover!

To the question “what is your art?” she replied “is organising an art?” Well if it’s up to me Skylar definitely makes it into an art. The way she organizes, schedules and connects is admirable and I don’t think there are many people who can do what she does. Skylar makes Excel sheets into an art form.⁠

“I like doing all the small things behind the scenes, because it is my contribution to connecting people and I imagine somebody is going to be happy with it. There is no immediate impact, but for example if I organise all the boxing equipment and a group of people have a really nice boxing workshop I enjoy being part of that positive impact.” she explains about her role in the company. ⁠

Besides her actual contributions to Hoodlab she also provides us with shitty love songs to listen to. Curious what her current on-repeat is? It’s ‘Comfortable’ by H.E.R. What’s yours?
Auteur: Nikki Neervens
Photographer: Tommy Köhlbrugge
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